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L'Armoire de Bébé

Expert evaluation using UX heuristics

L'Armoire de Bébé

Launched in 2015, L'Armoire de Bébé, a subsidiary of the LDLC group, is an e-shop specialized in childcare. In April 2018, L'Armoire de Bébé opened its first concept store in Limonest (Rhône). A trendy specialist in childcare, the shop offers more than 3,500 carefully selected references in a 500 m² shop.

About the mission

I was asked to evaluate the ergonomic criterias of the website and give my recommendations. I based my analysis on the usability heuristics of Bastien and Scapin to conduct the evaluation and chose to use the Google Chrome plugin UX Check. As this type of analysis doesn't involve users, it doesn't replace the user tests or a focus group but allows to rough the problems to be treated later.

How it works

The UX Check extension opens up a side panel with a list of heuristics that can be edited next to the website window. By clicking on an element that doesn't comply with a heuristic, the UX expert can add notes, and a screenshot will be saved to end up with a complete documentation.

    Usability heuristics of Bastien and Scapin :

  1. Guidance
    • Incitement
    • Grouping and distinction between items
    • Grouping and distinction by location
    • Grouping and distinction by format
    • Immediate feedback
    • Readability
  2. Workload
    • Brevity
      1. Concision
      2. Minimum actions
    • Information density
  3. Explicit control
    • Explicit actions
    • User control
  4. Adaptability
    • Flexibility
    • User experience awareness
  5. Error management
    • Error prevention
    • Quality of error messages
    • Errors correction
  6. Homogenity and consistency
  7. Significance of codes and denominations
  8. Compatibility

Examples of encountered problems

This is an example of a problem going under the category "Significance of codes and denominations". In the header of the website, a heart icon was used to illustrate the feature "birth list". The problem was that this type of icon is often used for the feature "Add to favorites". It could be confusing for users, especially for those who were not necessarily familiar with this kind of specialized sites.

L'Armoire de Bébé

The recommendation was to change this icon with something that better illustrates a birth list than a favorite feature.

This problem concerns the heuristic "Guidance - Incitement". The "Favorite Products" feature was hidden in the user account menu. There was no shortcut expected as for birth lists. This problem of visibility is increased by the confusion made with the pictogram "birth list" placed in the header and that suggested that it was there the functionality "Favorites".

L'Armoire de Bébé

My recommendation was at first to study the need of the users of this feature, then, according to the results, to highlight it or not. Another example of a problem I found was the difference between the icon "birth list" on the product page and the one on the header. My recommendation was obviously to use the same icon "birth list" on the product page and on the header and keep the heart icon for the "Favorites" feature.


The expert evaluation confronts the interface with the good practices, formalized in heuristics, but also with the experience of the evaluators with regard to the UX in general, the target users and the field of application concerned. This method sometimes allows to constitute an alternative in the case where the implication of the users is not possible< or to make up for a lack of resources, which was our case at this time. It offered a good benefit / cost ratio and was very quick to implement. We nevertheless retained the idea of ​​conducting some user tests in order to be able to complete this evaluation and to set up user session observation sessions via the Hotjar software.

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