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One click payment

Enhancing the usability of a payment system

One click payment

One click, also named 1-click, is a technique that allows customers to make purchases with the payment information needed having been entered previously. It allows the online shopper to avoid manually inputting billing and shipping informations as long as they have been saved before.

"Mobile devices, high-speed data communication, and online commerce are creating expectations that convenient, secure, real-time payment and banking capabilities should be available whenever and wherever they are needed." - Jerome Powell

About the mission

Statistics reports almost 21% of the online users abandon their online shopping due to long and tedious check out process. Also, 24% of the online buyers are reported to get distracted while making payments. This clearly defines that payment and usability are more closely connected than one can think. If the users find no way to pay, they will have no way to buy.

Project process

I used two main personas to work on this project. The first one, Matthieu, often buys online and is a regular customer of the website. He is the one that is more likely to use this feature because as a regular online shopper he probably knows how it works and besides, he already has full confidence in the brand.

One click payment

The other persona I chose is Maud. She is not a client already and she needs to be reassured. It will be a good example to judge the trust conveyed by this payment method because if her experience is positive, she may be interested in register her credit card and save time on her next order.

One click payment

To think about the implementation of this feature, we distinguished in the payment process 3 main paths.

#1 Saving credit card informations

When he completes his order, the user has the choice to register or not his payment informations. At the same time, we present him the advantages of one-click payment and how to delete or modify a saved card. If the card has been registered, then the user receive a registration confirmation email.

#2 Pay with a registered card

Once a card is registered, the customer can access it from his personal account. He can use the one click payment module or choose the standard procedure. In case of purchase, he can, on the payment page, use a previously registered card. The last used one will be proposed by default.

#3 One click payment quick procedure

Upon eligibility, the customer can choose the one click payment method that allows him to skip several steps to place his order. By choosing this method, a popin appears with a summary of his current order. It contains the main informations allowing him to buy with an optimal level of information (total cost, address and shipping method). He can also edit his delivery address and the card to be used if several are registered. By validating the order with 1 click feature, a confirmation page displays a summary of the order, the delivery address, the credit card used and a link to modify or cancel the order.

One click payment
Sketch of the standard confirmation page
One click payment
Sketch of the payment module with saved credit cards
One click payment
Sketch of the one click confirmation popup

    Specific constraints to respect to be eligible to the one click payment :

  • The customer must be logged in
  • The user must enter his password confirmation if he has been idle for some time, for security reasons
  • Having at least one available credit card registered in the personal account
  • All products in the basket must be eligible for standard home delivery at least


One click payment
Offering the user to save his credit card informations
One click payment
Using a registered credit card
One click payment
A popup screen allows the user to check his informations for the one click payment
One click payment
Identity confirmation when user has been disconnected from his account.
One click payment
One click payment confirmation page

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