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LDLC Resources Center

Branding resources platform for LDLC Group

LDLC Resources Center

Created in 1996, the LDLC Group is today a leader in e-commerce computing and high-tech in France. With its six commercial sites, the pioneer of online commerce combines activities in the field of computing, high-tech, home or education. In April 2019, the LDLC Group employs 1 000 people with a turnover of 507 million euros. Completed in 1998 through physical distribution channels, the Group is developing a network of boutiques to combine expertise and proximity. A hundred LDLC.com concept-stores will appear by 2021 on the French territory.

About the mission

During my time at LDLC, I had the chance to work on a problem my colleagues and I were faced every day at work, a problem every designer have met at least once on his daily routine. "Can you send me the company logo again, I don't know where to find it." Yep. I know you've been in this situation too. We can have big servers, well-organized folders, a good naming system, there is always a time when it happens. Especially when you're working in the marketing department of a company employing around a thousand people. My manager asked me to work on a resources center that will allow each collaborator to find the assets he needs easily, quickly and on his own.

LDLC Resources Center

Project process

The very first thing I did was to talk to my colleagues, about this new project, regardless of their specialty and everyone was really excited for different reasons. Some would not have to spare time anymore asking for resources they should be able to find by themselves, others wouldn't have to spare time anymore sending resources everyone should be able to find on his own. Thanks to these discussions and small group workshops, we were finally able to raise many other recurring issues like finding the right color to apply to a design support, knowing what font to use on a communictaion document, or converting a document to a specific format.

One of the biggest constraint I faced was the multitude of versions of each logos. For example, for the website LDLC.com, there is 5 different versions of the logo (including a headline or not, the ".com" or not…) and, moreover, each one can be declined in 5 different color schemes. The user should be able to find the right version of the logo and be able to choose the most appropriate format all by himself. I chose to use the card sorting method and adapt it to define and organize the filters in the most logical way.

    The filters defined looked like something like that :

  • Version of the logo (with the headline, with the .com…)
  • Context of use (web, print or video)
  • File format (.ai, .pdf, .jpg...)
  • Color scheme (color, black and white, light or dark color background…)
  • Background color (white, transparent, black,...)

Using post-it notes allowed me to visualize and test the flow conducting to the generated logo to download.

LDLC Resources Center
LDLC Resources Center

Then I made a quick sketch and then used Marvel App to make a lo-fi prototype that I could use for user testing.

LDLC Resources Center
Flowmap of the logo generator process


Finally, the methodologies that I used and declined according to the constraints of the project allowed me to build an effective and efficient service in a very short time and that could be set up internally very easily for the IT department.

LDLC Resources Center
Resources center homepage
LDLC Resources Center
Resources center logo generator

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